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Pembroke Graphics, designers of interpretive displays in Cairns, has extensive experience in the design and production of large format display panels. Whether it be for internal, exhibition and display use; or as externally-situated information boards, these signs can be found in all corners of Queensland, as well as Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.

Ergon Energy

Windorah Solar FarmWindorah Solar Farm. Interpretive sign - double-sided with custom shelter.
Windorah Solar Farm

Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service


Wet Tropics Management Authority

Australian Rainforest FoundationSpeewah Trailhead. An aerial-view map of the Barron Gorge National Park depicting the walking trails forms the focus for essential visitor information.
Australian Rainforest FoundationEvolutionary Timeline. Situated in the Rainforest Habitat, Port Douglas, this wall-sized panel shows the un-broken evolution of plants and animals in the Wet Tropics of North Queensland. All illustration was created in-house by Pembroke Graphics. (See illustration section)

Queensland Heritage Trails Network

Australian Rainforest FoundationHalloran's Hill, Atherton. From Cardwell in the south to Cooktown in the north and out as far as Chillagoe, these pairs of signs inform the traveller of local attractions, as well as geographical information.
Australian Rainforest FoundationHalloran's Hill, Atherton. A map sign that accompanies the adjoining information panel shows relevent geographical details as well as identifying nearby tourist attractions.
Australian Rainforest FoundationCooktown. This panel combined a simple town map with photographic and text-based information.
3-D generated model of interpretive shelter showing the 2 panels in situ. (See 3-D illustration)

Nyleta Wetlands (Hasties Swamp)

Australian Rainforest FoundationNyleta Wetlands. A series of 6 interpretive panels were designed to tell the story of the wetlands and the amazing variety of bird life that frequent the area.
Australian Rainforest FoundationNyleta Wetlands. Interpretive panel showing the history of the area.
These panels, together with the bird identification panels (right) adorn the purpose-built, 2-storey bird hide on the edge of the wetlands.
Australian Rainforest FoundationNyleta Wetlands. One of 8, highly detailed and informative bird identification panels.

Remote Area Heritage Panels (8 sites)

Australian Rainforest FoundationIrvinebank. 8 panels were produced to be situated at: Irvinebank, Emuford, Mt Mulligan, Almaden, Mt Molloy, Thornborough, Mungana and Dimbulah. This panel required the illustration of the town as an aerial-view map/guide. The colour panels (like this one) have been placed in shelters to shield them from the elements. (See detail in the illustration section)

Australian Rainforest FoundationEmuford. One of 5 locations where the panels would be located in constant, direct sunlight and were therefore constructed out of etched aluminium to withstand the effects of the intense levels of UV.

Keatings Lagoon - Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service

Keatings Lagoon (NW of Cooktown).
A set of bird identification panels (see right) accompanied this general park guide and detailed interpretive sign (right)


Australian Rainforest Foundation

Keatings Lagoon. Detailed interpretive sign with one of the bird identification panels (below).

Kuranda Walking Trail Panels

Australian Rainforest FoundationKuranda. The signs depicted varying aspects of the life and history of Kuranda - in this panel the rich local Aboriginal culture is shown.

Kuranda. Information signs for the network linked of walks in and around Kuranda. The illustrated aerial-view map of the area was a vital part of the commission. (See detail in the illustration section)

Malanda Gourmet Food Factory - Display Panels

Australian Rainforest Foundation

Australian Rainforest Foundation

Australian Rainforest Foundation

Malanda. A series of 20 very detailed and informative exhibition panels for the Malanda Gourmet Food Factory depicting every aspect of the dairy industry in the far north of Queensland.