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General Illustration
Technical and 3D
Skyrail. Illustrated map for sales materials and large display panels.  

Thala Lodge. Illustrated site plan.

Daintree Discovery Centre. Illustrated map/guide for signage, brochures and handbooks.  

Queensland Heritage Trails Network. Illustrated aerial view town map of Irvinebank for interpretive signage.

Illustrated aerial view of Bath district showing public health facilities.  
Canterbury Balloons.
Illustrated aerial view of County of Kent for hot air balloon company.
Illustrated aerial view town map of Northampton accurately showing key buildings and streets, designed for a large wall poster. (only a small section shown here).  
Illustrated aerial view National Park map of Wiltshire showing general topographical relief, main routes and places of interest.
Illustrated aerial-view map designed for a range of Information signs for a network of linked of walks in and around Kuranda.
Detailed aerial view of a neighbourhood of Bath city for a range of printed brochures.
General illustated view of the south of England for corporate brochures.  
IDEA:EDIT system. Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement (IDEA). Washington, DC USA