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Great Tropical Drives.
A set of 13 A4 detailed trail maps for Great Tropical Drives.

Great Tropical Drives..
A set of 5 A3 detailed trail maps for Great Tropical Drives. Designed as a resource for all visitor information centres and visitor attractions. These maps cover all areas from Townsville to north of Cooktown and Chillagoe and Undara Resort in the west.

Wet Tropics Management Authority.
An informative 8 page folding guide.

Queensland Parks & Wildlife.
An informative 6 page folding guide.

Cairns CBD map.
(pre-Esplanade development)
Cairns city map.
(pre-Esplanade development)
Canterbury Balloons.
A3 illustrated 3D aerial map.

Daintree Discovery Centre.
Illustrated 3D aerial guide.

(See main guide)

Fowey Hall Hotel.
Directional map.
Luxury Hotel Management.
Illustrated map of south west England.
Tropical Tourism North Queensland.
A set of 3 A3 detailed, tear-off tourist maps now superceded by Great Tropical Drive maps (see above).
Wiltshire County Council.
Illustrated 3D aerial district tourist map.